The Uses of Five Element Theory

“Life is so full of sliding doors. When I started studying Traditional Oriental Medicine in 1993 I never thought I would end up founding a skincare company. After completing my studies I opened a clinic and used these fundamental ancient practices – acupuncture, shiatsu, aromatherapy and herbs- to get the best result for my clients. Over time one door led me to another and many years later Elemental Herbology was launched with my original studies in traditional Oriental medicine very much at the core of all that we do.”

-Kristy Cimesa, founder Elemental Herbology

Sun Kiss featured on


Spring Skin Prep: Vogue‘s Guide to Getting Warm-Weather Ready
Below the Neck

Elemental Herbology Sun Kiss Body Hydrator with Self-Tan, $38;

This daily body hydrator contains subtle levels of an eco-certified botanical self-tanning agent with ultra-nourishing, skin-softening oils to create a beautifully hydrated, natural and healthy glow whilst also helping to prolong the life of your tan. Its light texture allows the skin to breathe, whilst protecting the skin by boosting antioxidant activity and cooling, calming and nourishing over-exposed skin.


Town & Country’s Favorite Bath Products

Elemental Herbology Detox Botanical Bathing Infusion

“The juniper and grapefruit scent of the Elemental Herbology Detox bath oil, combined with a Thymes Frasier Fir candle, sets the scene for a very spa-like soak somewhere deep in the woods in Vermont. That’s where the mind wanders, even if the reality is a tiny tub in downtown Manhattan.”

-Jamie Rosen, Beauty Director@jamierosennyc

Elemental Herbology Detox Botanical Bathing Infusion ($29)


Tip: Serum or Moisturizer?

Using a serum daily that is rich in proteins, vitamins and anti-oxidants will give skin an instant boost and, paired with a good moisturizer  will help keep your skin in top condition. So why use both? A good serum has a really light molecular structure and can be absorbed quickly and efficiently to provide an “intensive care treatment” for your skin. Your moisturizer helps to improve the barrier function, reduces water loss and provides effective hydration for your skin as well as being one of the additional building blocks for good skin health. Always allow time for your serum to be well absorbed before applying your moisturizer  For congested or oily skin, Kristy recommends leaving your skin moisturizer free overnight and simply applying a light serum. This allows the skin to find its natural PH-balance without being overloaded with product which can leave a shiny residue.

Serum or moisturiser3

New Range For Sensitive Skin

I am delighted to say that our new Sensitive Skin product range dedicated to all those suffering with  redness, irritation and inflammation will be available online at from 1st March. I have been aware for many years that a Sensitive Skin line was missing from our range but I faced a slight conundrum in its development as Elemental Herbology is renowned for creating products literally brimming with actives and nutrients, not creating products with a less is more approach.delicate-cleanse-product-and-carton-265px


Whirlwind Week in NYC part 2

I received the Enzyme Glow Facial by Elemental Herbology but under an alias so I could offer China my feedback without prejudice. The treatment was amazing and very nice to be told by the therapist that my skin was so good I was definitely looking after my skin in the right way and using good skincare!  Clearly Elemental Herbology has been doing what it says on the front of the box.

I also met with the girls at If you haven’t already checked out this site, I urge you to take a look as this company, which is the real deal.  Having only launched last year they are on a mission to become America’s largest and most exclusive beauty site and with amazing concepts in development where you can upload a picture of yourself and try on make- up, robots doing their picking in their DC, a new partnership with Allure Magazine and recently acquired by Amazon they are on their way to world domination!

And then there were my press visits. When we were launching Elemental Herbology in 2008, I found my first visit to the Conde Nast building just off Times Square, home to the world’s most famous publications – Vogue, Allure, GQ, Glamour, Vanity Fair – a little daunting. This time however, having already done the rounds of desk-side interviews many times over and forged some great relationships with press who are now very familiar with Elemental Herbology, it was a lot of fun. There is also something wonderfully glamorous about visiting Vogue offices in NYC!

I was there to introduce editors to our new solutions for summer skin and post-sun repair. Moisture Milk is the first in the line up and is the ideal hydrator for anyone living in a hot polluted city. Perfect Clarity then goes hand in hand with this hydrator. It is a blemish minimiser that comes in a super slick and stylish click pen to keep in your handbag and apply any time you feel a spot may be on its way. We also have Lighten & Brighten launching in September which already has a waiting list!  It is Elemental Herbology’s long awaited solution for sun damaged skin. In typical EH fashion, it is super rich in efficacious botanical actives that have demonstrated clinical results, while also smelling amazing and feeling beautiful on the skin.  It will help to profoundly reduce dark spots, age spots, and pigmentation. Apply for at least 30 days morning and night and you will see the results as the skin becomes more luminous, nourished and balanced.

Fortunately the trip wasn’t all work and no play and I also had an amazing meal at Nobu (Black Cod with Miso is defiantly to die for), a good frolic in Central Park with my little girl Bianca, lots of amazing Mexican food (which is always one of the highlights of NYC) and a few windows of opportunity here and there to explore some of the fabulous boutiques in Tribeca and Greenwich Village, only to inevitably return with a significantly heavier suitcase!

A Whirlwind Week in NYC

I have just returned from a fabulous week in NYC meeting with our new distributor, buyers and press.   We are very excited to have partnered with who we feel is the best beauty distributor in the market. Mary Leber and her wonderful team at Beauty Prophet will be exclusively managing Elemental Herbology distribution in the US and given their extraordinary market knowledge and enthusiasm, expect to see EH popping up at all the hip spas and apothecaries around town.

One of the favourite parts of my trip was visiting a number of the SpaceNK stores in Manhattan. It is always great to receive direct feedback from the staff and lovely to hear we have so many fans – both staff and customers alike.  While in-store I also did a number of personal appearances and one-on-one consultations and prescriptions for customers. New Yorkers definitely have different skincare requirements to the British. They like hydrators in summertime to be as light or as barely there as possible so I am sure our Moisture Milk will be a huge success stateside. I also noticed that customers were really concerned about sun damage, so spfs and reparative serums that reduce pigmentation are big business. Be sure to look out for Lighten and Brighten launching in September, rich in bio-actives that have been clinically tested to reduce dark spots and pigmentation.

I also had the pleasure of meeting with China Paradelo, the Spa Manager at the Shibui Spa at the beautiful Greenwich Hotel where Elemental Herbology launched as the exclusive brand last year. It is such an amazing hideaway. The carefully selected handcrafted interiors make the setting feel so tactile, warm and indulgent.  So many western spas try desperately to emulate an Asianesque spa experience but this spa really hits the mark. First of all, it isn’t tacky in any way. It feels authentic and real, you could almost be slipping into an Onsen or traditional spa in the heart of Tokyo. Robert DeNiro is one of the co-owners and has taken his hand to personally selecting so many of the design features… clearly this man has some serious style to boot!


My Most Important Skin Care Tip

I am frequently asked what I think is the most important thing to do regularly for healthy skin and without hesitation I have to say CLEANSING!

If you are not big on cleansing and rarely exfoliate you really aren’t doing your skin justice. Without a good daily cleanse the skin becomes blocked, dead skin cells build up on the surface and your skin becomes dull, lacklustre and congested. To make matters worse, your skin will not absorb all the wonderful serums and tonics you are applying, resulting in dry skin with underlying congestion.

This unfortunately becomes increasingly prevalent as we age. Our skin metabolism slows down and cellular turnover is diminished as we grow older, so if you don’t make cleansing and exfoliation key elements of your daily and weekly routine your skin will become increasingly problematic. Sadly, it is a myth that a revolutionary new serum or cream will remedy dry skin if the underlying issue of congestion is not addressed first.

Whilst cleansing is the ONE thing that you shouldn’t leave out of your skin care regime, it’s also really important to ensure that you are using the right cleanser for your skin. Our skin changes with the seasons, our environment and our hormones, so the cleanser you use should change as your skin does.

We are often led to believe that our skin must be vigorously scrubbed and left feeling tight to be clean. This couldn’t be further from the truth. A cleanser should gently remove impurities and dead skin cells whilst nourishing the skin with healthy botanicals.

One of the things that inspired me to create the Elemental Herbology range was the lack of products that felt good, were kind to the environment and, most importantly, were really effective.

So many cleansers on the market are far too harsh and aggressive, stripping the skin all of its natural oils and assaulting its barrier function leaving it dry, uncomfortable and more prone to pre-mature ageing.

We have two fabulous cleansers in our range that gently cleanse the skin: Cool & Clear is light, cooling and foaming; and Purify & Soothe is an oil-based cleansing balm that is rich in Essential Fatty Acids. The former is great for summer time, in a humid environment or if your skin is prone to frequent breakouts and congestion. It contains Green Tea, Aloe, Calendula, Water Lilly and Lavender Flower to deliver a really fresh and invigorating cleanse.

However, if you are 40 years plus, spend a lot of time in central heating, it is wintertime or you are a frequent traveller, using an oil-based cleanser rich in Essential Fatty Acids is a must. Our Purify & Soothe contains Sacha Inchi and Argan Oil. Sacha Inchi is one of the richest sources of Omega 3, 6 and 9 in any botanical oil and Argan Oil is the richest source of Vitamin E.

For best results you should warm the balm in the palms of your hands and then massage into the skin in small circular movements, from forehead to décolleté. It is essential to clean your skin for as long as you spend cleaning your teeth. By massaging the balm into the skin it will bring all the blood to the surface thereby helping improve circulation, removal of metabolic waste and ultimately resolve congestion.

Essential Fatty Acids also nourish the skin and improve the barrier function, making it less prone to sensitivities and assault from the environment.

Enjoy your cleanse,

Kristy x

Spring is in the Air!

If I had to pick a favourite season, it would have to be spring.  As we all wake from our winter slumber the lovely vibe in the air is palpable.   Traditional Chinese Medicine believes that spring heralds a period of heightened universal energy when our ‘Yang’ energy starts to increase. Yang energy is a more outward and mobile energy, which is why we are more energetic and sociable in spring and summer. This transition can occur virtually overnight – one day you crave a day snuggled under a duvet on the couch and the next wanting to the hit the park for a jog or picnic with friends.  We also start to crave totally different foods as we shift from hearty soups and stews to lighter, cooling foods such as fish, salad, fruit and sushi. We even change from red to white wine between summer and winter, drink less coffee and much more water.

If you seize the moment and jump on this energetic shift you will actually find it so much easier to make changes during spring.  For a mini spring clean, try consuming daily: one fresh vegetable juice, ½ an avocado, a punnet of blueberries, a bowl of steamed seasonal vegetables and handful of nuts and linseed.  This will infuse your skin with a healthy dose of anti-oxidants, essential fatty acids and purifying tonics and also give your organs a boost.

In Australia, avocado with Vegemite on toast is a breakfast staple and I literally can never get enough of avocadoes. Even my husband who grew up in Serbia and was a prosciutto and cheese man is now a serious convert. You can really see a visible difference in the skin when we feast on avocados coupled with macadamia nuts and oily fish which all have such a nourishing impact on the skin.

Spring is also the ideal time to rethink our skincare regime.   Our bodies are a microcosm of our environment and just as the trees blossom in spring and shed their leaves in winter our bodies are also affected by a seasonal cycle. It is our ability to respond to these changes that will keep us feeling healthy and vital and our skin clear and radiant.

I am a huge fan of dry skin brushing, which I was first introduced to in an onsen in the Japanese Alps where a woman very kindly offered to exfoliate my back with a brush that had no mercy!  While I am by no means recommending a brush as firm as this, a good dry skin brush really helps to kick start your metabolism, shed dead skin cells and promote new cell renewal.  The body brush which comes free with our Deep Cleanse Body Wash, I am sure you will find will do the trick. Start now and try to make it a daily morning routine throughout spring. Your skin will be in much better shape when summer arrives.

Another mantra for Spring is ‘Exfoliate and Hydrate’.  To do this, I really recommend using Beach Prep and Sun Kiss daily. Our Beach Prep body exfoliator contains a delicious combination of macadamia and argan oil with papaya and orange flower water. While our Sun Kiss body hydrator contains a subtle level of self tan which builds up to a beautiful, healthy sun kissed glow over the course of a week. I can really testify as someone with pale skin that the combination works like a treat and it is much nicer putting on a summer frock with a lovely, silky sun-kissed glow.


On that note, wishing you a wonderful Spring!

Kristy Goodger